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Telling your data's history as a visual story

EDI Vision allows for a historical & visual story to be told using SharePoint

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Exposed through SharePoint, here is the EDI Process:

  • The EDI Vision product enables a historical view of your hidden transaction data. Exposed through SharePoint or an ASP.NET interface, EDI Vision allows your business analysts, help desk, and others on your EDI team to view an entire transaction history.
  • Take a look at a typical EDI claim processing flow. In this example, a Provider submits a claim to a Health Plan for payment on 2/15/13. A fault is discovered, the claim is rejected and notification is reported through a X12 ‘999’ transaction. After the Provider has fixed the issue and resubmitted the claim on 3/1/13, they receive a positive 999, and within a few days they receive the CA277. It is rejected because the provider information is incorrect. They resubmit again, and they get all new transactions (999 and 277) and finally the payment is processed and reported via an ‘835’ transaction.
  • As required for trouble-shooting, the help desk or business analyst can search for any of the items highlighted in each of the transaction pages.
  • In order to see the detail of the transaction and make process improvements, they simply click the Details button to open a separate window showing the details of the transaction.
  • From that point, they can make necessary changes or repairs empowered by the data they have never been able to access until now!
  • Underlying the interface are the tables required to store every element in the transactions. As an example, what is shown here is the CLM segment in the 837P transaction
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EDI Common Process

A common EDI claim processing flow.

EDI Transaction detail

Transaction details

EDI interface

Shown is the segment for the CLM segment in the 837P transaction

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