PLUS Diagnostics – Union, NJ

PLUS Diagnostics needed a Lab-to-Lab interface be developed within BizTalk Server that is bidirectional with Lab Orders and Results being transferred. It was required that this interface be “dynamic” to provide a robust and ready platform for other similar interfaces that will be needed. Therefore, the Microsoft ESB Toolkit was configured to provide support for interaction between heterogeneous services and additional interfaces that might be that might change over time. The ESB will address integration problems in a way that maximizes the re-use of services and maintains flexibility. Itineraries provide a representation of the mediation policy for executing a sequence of processing instructions through flows that describe how messages will be processed (the flow can be organized as a visual drawing). For more about PLUS Diagnostics, visit their website at

CareOregon – Portland, OR

CareOregon is a non-profit health plan serving Medicaid and Medicare recipients in Oregon. CareOregon’s goal is to help assure that the people of Oregon, regardless of income or social circumstance, have access to high-quality health care from a stable network of providers.

CareOregon purchased the Stott Creations’ EDI Archiving Tool which allows them to marry the HIPAA X12 834 (membership, benefit enrollment and maintenance) transaction data to the HIPAA X12, 820 (premium payment information to another covered entity) data. This is extremely important for CareOregon as it allows them to import the 834 into SQL and then create new 834 files to import into their core claim’s management system. They are now able to remove duplicative and unnecessary records, order the records for import, and most importantly move the data in the original file to the 834 segment location that our system expects. (Read more here.)

Byram Healthcare – White Plains, NY

The previous Byram Healthcare BizTalk Server 2006 R2 environment was migrated to the current release of BizTalk Server 2010. This entailed standing up Team Foundation Server (TFS) as the source control system, and required moving to SQL 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, and then a migration of the projects into BTS 2010 in Dev and QA, then Production environments.

Practice Fusion – San Fransico, CA

Practice Fusion offers an integrated, on-demand healthcare platform delivered in a software-as-a-service model. Practice Fusion needed to produce X12 HIPAA 837 claims from an XML output from their ERP. We created the map to transform the XML to a HIPAA 837 using Biztalk 2006 R2 and encrypted the outbound file using a custom BizTalk pipeline to be sent to WEBMD

Empire Paper – Wichita Falls, TX

Empire Paper Company is a fourth-generation paper distribution company, established in 1926. Empire Paper needed to communicate with their trading partners using the functionality of Biztalk Server 2006 R2. We designed the communication from X12 EDI to be imported into Microsoft Dynamics AX and from Microsoft Dynamics AX into X12 EDI.

MDRX Financial – New York, NY

MDRX Financial provides cutting-edge healthcare market research for the medical community. We designed a process using BizTalk Server 2006 to import large amounts of data into SQL Server 2005 to be used for data mining.

Brinks Hofer Gilson Leone – Chicago, IL

Brinks Hoffer Lione is a patent law firm that we have implemented BizTalk to handle lawyer time sheets, using Word documents, managed through BizTalk Server.

HydraPower Systems – Portland, OR

HydraPower Systems is a Premier Fluid Power Distributor and Assembler. HydraPower Systems needed to communicate with their trading partners using the functionality of BizTalk Server 2006. We designed the communication from X12 EDI to be imported into Microsoft Dynamics AX and from Microsoft Dynamics AX into X12 EDI.

Daryl Flood – Dallas, TX

Daryl Flood Mobility Solutions serves all types of mobility requirements for both the private and corporate sectors. Daryl Flood needed to set up BizTalk 2006 and Covast Adapter for Biztalk.

Royal Canin – St. Louis, MO

Royal Canin is a leading provider of pet food around the world. Royal Canin upgraded their back end system and used Stott IS in assisting their upgrade.

HPProducts – Indianaplis, IN

HPProducts is a large distribution company with warehouses located throughout the Midwestern United States. HPProducts needed to continue communication with their trading partners via email, flat files, and X12 EDI as they transitioned from a Legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics AX. We designed and implemented a solution using BizTalk Server 2006 that allowed them to make a smooth transition during their upgrade.

Ping Golf – Phoenix, AZ

Ping Golf is a world class golf equipment manufacturer. We assisted Ping Golf ensure ongoing and smooth transaction processing with their trading partners.