About Stott Creations

Stott Creations is a software integration firm with recognized expertise in delivering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions utilizing Microsoft BizTalk Server. As a certified Microsoft Partner, and Microsoft’s featured partner with respect to Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), we provide both professional services and software products.

The founder Eric Stott is one of the pioneers of BizTalk. In 1999, medical Eric began his career using an integration tool bought by IBM. When Microsoft rewrote BizTalk in 2003, he realized the support needs potential around this product and founded Stott Creations to offer a highly experienced development team to address complex BizTalk and EDI integration projects. Today, we are committed to helping US healthcare initiatives due to our unparalleled technical experience within this sector, having completed over 18 engagements. We also maintain competencies and experience in the Financial, Retail and Manufacturing verticals.